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The "Solelhada Project" consists in conceiving and achieving a sunracer that is to take part in the 2001 World Solar Challenge (WSC), a world-wide famous race of solar vehicles.
It follows a previous successful entry in 1996 by Lucien Giol and his team "France for Solar Challenge", on the new 2001 project is the result of a joint venture between two French Higher Schools of Engineering, the ENSEEIHT and the ENSICA and was launched under the supervision of the LEEI (Laboratory of Electrotechnics and Industrial Electronics), UMR CNRS/INPT.

Solelhada should bring about innovative solutions which will allow the Toulouse-based team to be among the best of the 6th WSC : The 2001 Solar Odyssey in Australia.

The High-tech projet incorporates all-round benefits

[Dessin véhicule]
[Photo équipe]
First solarcar, Toulouse,
Cité de l ’Espace, Juin 2000
[Photo Exposition]
First environment exposition,
Bobigny, Septembre 2000

These solar-powered vehicles are to meet with very stringent specifications and are originally designed for research into a better production of renewable energy resources : their solar arrays xill provide a power that is less than 1500 watts, just the amount of energy needed by a hair-drier.

When running 40 m.P.H, they will use the same amount of energy equivalent to one litre of petrol per 600 miles.

To meet this challenge, they will be using state-of-the-art technology :
high-performance solar cells and batteries, ultra-light design streamlined, shapes, special tyres, and high-efficiency or electronics. This High-tech project brings a genuine all-round benefit ti saving energy and protecting the environment. Because of this, the vehicle has recently various scientific exhibitions : Environment Exhibitions, Science Weeks, the 2000 "SITEF", all being popportunities for scientists and engineers to meet and inform the public and to realize themselves that, beyond the immediate aesthetic appeal oh the vehicle, the average man has a keen interest in such a High-tech project, which encapsulates the very symbol of Environment protection.

Further information

Laboratoire d’Electrotechnique et d’Electronique Industrielle
2, rue Camichel BP 7122 - 31071 TOULOUSE cedex 7 -
Tél : (33) 05 61 58 82 08 - Fax : (33) 05 61 63 88 75 - http://www.leei.enseeiht.fr


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